Be wary of Superannuation Scams

Ever since the Government gave Australians the right to access their superannuation early to cope with COVID-19 financial stress, scammers have swarmed in to take advantage.

These scammers are operating using varied methods. Below is a text message that one of our clients received despite not having requested early access to her super.

These messages are designed to get you to eventually hand over personal information. This can be done manually or by getting you to access fraudulent websites or unwittingly install malware on your device. Scammers are also now cold calling people and pretending to be able to help them to access their superannuation, avoid getting locked out of the early access scheme or check their eligibility.

It’s important to not respond to any inbound communication of this sort. Call the ATO directly to verify your eligibility and any communication they may have sent. Also, call your accountant for independent advice on early access to your superannuation and overcoming any hurdles you may face.

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