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We are experienced Body Corporate Auditors

At Sciacca’s Accountants & Advisers, we have been auditing Strata Titles for more than 20 years. We have accumulated experience and understanding of the industry, from an owner and BCM point of view.

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Audits of Strata Title (Body Corporate)

At Sciacca’s we give certainty in:

Financial viability

Be assured of the financial viability of your Strata Title (Body Corporate)

Taxation and GST

You know that your Tax and GST obligations are being met AND correct

Omissions or discrepancies

We identify and correct any omissions and discrepancies

Peace of mind

Sciacca's Body Corporate audits give peace of mind for you as the owner

What is a Strata Title (Body Corporate) Audit?

A strata audit provides peace of mind and assurance to the owners and managers of the strata corporation on the financial management of the strata corporation. An audit involves testing and reviewing selected transactions of monies received and expended throughout the financial year. At the end of the audit we issue an Audit Report to the strata corporation.

Body Corporate Audits

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