A Fee for Service Business

We provide a fixed fee upfront, structured on a time basis

As a fee for service business, we provide a fixed fee upfront, based on a time basis. With our experience and finely tuned systems, you can be confident that you will get value for your investment. We promise you will know our estimate up front with no surprises. Should the unexpected arise, we’ll work closely with you to let you know what’s happening and how much it will cost.
Our fees range from $125 to $330 (ex GST) per hour with reasonable access to your team via phone or email being included in your Service Package.

If you choose one of our Service Packages, we will match your needs with to provide custom designed services. To help your budget and cash flow, a monthly retainer paid at the end of each month will set the level of support that you are looking for. Depending upon the level of support you need, the monthly fee ranges from $200 per month to $4,400 per month (ex GST). This is reviewed in our annual meeting.

Payment Options

So you can best manage your cash flow, you can choose the Service Package that best suits you. Most of our clients prefer the monthly retainer option so they know exactly what they need to budget each month. However you can also select a bimonthly, quarterly or six monthly option. We can also set up payment via a direct debit facility to make it even easier.

Talk to us and let us know what works best for you.

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