6 Reasons people leave their accountant

1. They don’t get you the highest possible tax return.

This is a big one for individuals and businesses. Everyone wants to pay the lowest amount of tax possible while sticking within the law. But when you sit with your accountant and they ask you the same stock standard tax questions and habitually punch your details into a computer before churning out your predicted tax bill and quoting you on their fee…. you’re often left doubting that they found every saving possible for you. They’re just doing the bare minimum. Make sure you partner with an accountant who probes you for information, asks follow up questions and gets the information out of you they need to optimise every element of your tax return in your favour. Our staff have deep, up-to-date tax knowledge and they work harder so you enjoy the best possible tax result each year.

2.  Their charges seem excessive.

If your accountant is addicted to billing culture, charging for every email and call and slugging you exorbitantly for drafting up quite standard documents that you could have completed yourself, it’s time to look around. An accountant that has your interests at heart will charge a fair fee, but not gouge you at every opportunity. We charge a flat fee and are open to your calls or emails whenever you need our help. Many of our clients call us just as they’re about to make a purchase to clear up the tax implications of what they’re doing, and we enjoy being in the game with them. Our prices are fair and affordable, and you don’t have to worry about being billed extra for what should come standard.

3.  They don’t have wider business expertise.

With bookkeeping software, Xero and online tax services, small-businesses and individuals are able to do many of the tasks for themselves that accountants used to do. While there is still a key role for basic accounting tasks, you benefit most from an accountant who can advise you about your business structure, investment plans, cashflow, trading practices and other elements of your business to maximise your chance of success. An ally if you will, as you take on the market and the challenges of entrepreneurship.

We are experienced business owners (20 years and counting) as well as licensed financial planners and accountants. We have the broad ranging knowledge needed to help your business make the right decisions and meet its full potential.

4.  They don’t understand your business.

Every industry and every business is unique. It can be frustrating when your accountant doesn’t fully understand your unique circumstances as you know you’re not getting advice that is tailored to you. Over 20 years, we’ve worked with clients across a wide range of industries and we always seek to understand how our clients operate. We ask more questions and do more research so that we can provide a better service than a more generic approach would allow.

5.  They don’t make things easy.

One of the main frustrations people have with their accountant is that they use complex jargon and concepts that prevent the client from truly understanding the problems and opportunities they face. We translate complex concepts into everyday language, so you fully understand what’s going on financially and can therefore make better decisions.

6.  They’re not fun to deal with.

A good accountant should be easy to work with and dare we say it, fun to be around. They’re a key partner in your business and potentially will be part of your working life for years to come. As a profession we’re known for being a bit stiff and boring but there are some fun accountants who you’ll enjoy being around. At Sciacca’s we’re a warm, family oriented and fun company. John loves his sport and guitar playing, recently taking up corporate boxing and re-entering the rock songs of his youth in his spare time, filling up the lounge room with the sounds of Led Zeppelin. Business can be hard, it can be stressful, but once it’s all over, you’ll remember most the relationships you had on your way to success. We don’t JUST want you to succeed, we want you to have a fun time doing it so when it comes to personality, we think we’re not your typical accountants.

There are many reasons why people choose to leave their accountants. What are some of the reasons you’ve been unhappy with yours? If you’re thinking of switching, why not call John from Sciacca’s today for a free, no-obligation conversation about how we can do things better.

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