How To Make Goal Setting Work

Business goals! You know they’re a good idea, but there’s filing to be done, bills to chase and clients that won’t stop calling. I get that the everyday tasks of running a business can distract you from those big goals that make running a business worthwhile in the first place. So let’s do away with big, long term goals. Let’s just focus on this quarter and pare it back to manageable goals that you can achieve.

Here are my tips for working goals into your business:

  • You don’t need to prepare a 50 page business plan and leave it on your book shelf. You can prepare a one page business plan that outlines key points to your business.
  • Set a monthly sales budget and focus on achieving those targets on a quarterly basis.
  • Come up with 5 points on how you will reach those targets.
  • Identify 3 projects or tasks that you need to do every quarter. By breaking it down and focusing on just 3 projects, you’re more likely to succeed.
  • Your one page business plan should take you one hour to complete. Print it out and place it on your wall in your office, so it’s a constant reminder on where you are heading and what you have to do. It works for me and it will work for you!

So what are some goals you could focus on this quarter? It depends on what your business needs to achieve, but some common goals include: releasing a new product, adding a new staff member, going paperless, growing your personal brand and cutting costs.

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