Marketing Trends To Look Out For in 2019

With marketing, there can be a tendency to do what’s always worked for your business. With some rapid changes occurring amongst audiences though, it’s important to be aware of the trends so you can keep your marketing up to date. You can even try some bold new strategies to deliver stand out results that exceed what you’ve achieved before.

Here are 5 areas to understand and use as a platform for your campaigns in 2019.


As people’s lives become saturated with conventional ads, it will get harder to stand out in the noise. Ads that get noticed will need to be genuinely creative. Now is not the time to hold back and just talk in the way your industry always talks and hope that will get a result. Find a way to truly stand out. Work with creative people to find a new way to convey your point of difference and move audiences to give your business a try.


People value a recommendation from a trusted friend. But how do you get trusted friends to refer your business to their network? You have to put time into developing a relationship with those people and provide them with value. That’s when they’ll talk about you, not after seeing an ad for the first time. So, to get those word of mouth juices flowing, start releasing high-value content that helps people to solve a problem. This could be via email, video, podcasting or even old school print. Whatever medium you choose, make it engaging, useful and exclusive so they’ll want to bring their friends in on what you have to share.


The era of the 80s salesman is well and truly done. People respond to marketing that is real and open. Share your business with your customers and yourself so they can connect with the humans behind it. There is so much anonymity in their lives already from smartphones, Facebook, online tax returns, Netflix. Be a business that brings a bit of authenticity and humanity back into their life and you will stand out from the clutter.


Related to the above, people relate to personalities. Think of Jonathan Thurston, Rove McManus, Steve Irwin… People connect far more to personalities than to abstract ideas so if there is a way to incorporate yourself and key personalities from your business into your marketing, then do it. You’ll build rapport, grow your audience and find it easier to persuade people to act.

Social Media Shifts

While Facebook remains the biggest social media network out there, it’s important to note that it’s either static or declining with all age groups except 55+. Instagram is rising with all age groups, particularly younger users and Snapchat is the fastest growing network for younger audiences. If you’re targeting the youth market, it’s important to have a presence on both Instagram and Snapchat. Professional opportunities on LinkedIn are increasing, so if you have a high-end management level target, LinkedIn could be you go-to platform.

Work with a marketing expert so that you can stay abreast of these changes and your competitors in 2019.

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