Why Financial Planning with us is a no-brainer

Here at Sciacca’s Accountants + Advisers we are committed to working with clients to help them navigate through financial issues.

It was really lovely to receive this testimonial from one of our valued clients and we wanted to share it with you.

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“If you’ve yet to experience applying for a Commonwealth Senior Health Card, or for a pension, be prepared for a mountain of form filling and financial enquiry. An exercise not for the faint hearted or those of us with less than perfect financial expertise. Worse is to come if you happen to be a self funded retiree, or own your own business. That’s another pile of paper, and more interaction with Centrelink.

We turned to our accountants, Sciacca’s, who were not only able to navigate us through the paper minefield, but were also in an informed position to inject the right numbers in the right boxes, so simplifying and smoothing the process. 

Sciacca’s have also taken on the role of our financial planners, preparing us for income support during our retirement. It makes good sense to have your business, or personal, accountancy firm also working to maximise your retirement benefits, including the balancing act required to ensure you receive all the Commonwealth benefits you are entitled to with other, supporting, income streams. 

There is no organisation better qualified in understanding your financial position and lifestyle requirements than your own accountant. To us, it was a no-brainer to combine the expertise of our accountant with our need for sustainable retirement planning.” 

Ian and Kate McLean, Directors, McLean Advertising Pty Ltd

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